Empowering Young People for the African Renaissance

Where We Work




Western Region

  1. Busia YMCA (Busia County)

  2. Chavakali YMCA ( Vihiga County)

  3. Indangalasia YMCA(Kakamega County)

Nyanza Region

  1. Kisumu YMCA (Kisumu County)

  2. Siaya YMCA ( Siaya County)

  3. Anyiko YMCA Group (Siaya County)

Central Region

  1. Kenya YMCA College of Agriculture and Technology (Kiambu County)

  2. Githumu YMCA (Murang’a County)

  3. Ngecha YMCA (Kiambu County)

  4. Thika YMCA (Kiambu County)

  5. Nyeri YMCA (Nyeri County)

Eastern Region

  1. Kondo YMCA (Machakos County)

  2. Meru YMCA(Meru County)

  3. Mugona YMCA (TharakaNithi)

Nairobi County

  1. Nairobi Central YMCA (Nairobi County)

  2. Nairobi South YMCA (Nairobi County)

  3. ShauriMoyo YMCA (Nairobi County)

Coast Region

  1. Kilifi YMCA (Kilifi County)

  2. Mombsa YMCA (Mombasa County)

Our Approach

We engage young people through;-

Local internship

For university and college students coupled with special need volunteerism.

Sports, Recreation and Outdoor Programmes

Our branches offers excursions, sports and recreation tours, hikes, exchange and camp activities to expose youth to diverse cultural and life situations.

Health Programmes

We address prevention of diseases, scourges and drug abuse that may shutter dreams of the youth.

The Hi-Y programme

We offer school/college based church youth programme designed to enhance the process of developing the spirit, mind and body through activities that meet developmental needs of youths e.g. goal setting, mentoring and stress management.

Civic competence/subject to citizen

The philosophy is crafted to empower young people with civic competence skills that can enable them have a credible voice, space and skills to engage constructively. Subject to citizen initiative aims at transforming young people from being subjects to citizens. The four components of S2C are youth action, youth justice, transformation masculinity and economic renaissance.

Youth Violence prevention

We engage youth in civic education on peace development and create connections with peers and Community development.

Green earth (environmental) programme

This is about education on environmental, clean up and tree planting activities aimed at saving the country from destruction associated with environmental degradation.

Our Reach And Impact

The Association has a variety of programmes that attract and serve members from diverse backgrounds offering them the opportunity to serve diverse profile of population through service and product placement in the market. The educational and training programmes are particularly useful in a growing economy with different challenges in skill development and use. The sports programmes provide opportunity to serve a growing urbanised community with need for exercises and outdoor activities against shrinking space and tight work schedules. Civic competence through Subject to Citizen(S2C) programme continue to empower the youth with a credible voice, space and skills to engage leaders constructively for development programmes in the community. More than 15,000,000 people have participated and benefited from our programmes at different levels since the inception of Kenya YMCA. We reach at least 2 million youth every year through YMCA designed diverse youth development programmes.

Kenya YMCA has undertaken a myriad of programmes and projects since the inception of Kenya YMCA in 1910. A big number of youth have continued to benefit from diverse programmes rendered across the programme spectrum. It is estimated that well over 15,000,000 Kenyans have benefited from YMCA programmes since its inception.

Christian growth and maturity among members and especially the youth. Through weekly devotion programmes organized by training centres, many young people have changed their lives and embraced Christian virtues that have gone along way in transforming their lives and  leading morally upright life styles.

Vocational training offered in atleast 10 YMCA branches has in many respects become a source of livelihood to the youth who go through the training successfully. The centers offer courses in diverse skills which include, Accounts, Motor Vehicle Mechanics, Computers, Agriculture, Electrical Installation and Catering Apart from securing gainful employment in government institutions, the private sector and civil society, some youth end up in self employment where they make ends meet through setting up business ventures. Al tleast 30,000 have been beneficiaries of this programme which has contributed immensely into employment generation amongst the youth and economic growth through the taxes paid by the very youth who are employed after the training..

Life skills development programmes that have been mounted in YMCA Branches schools through Hi-Y Clubs have also gone along way in achieving character building and transformation amongst the youth an aspect that is cherished by the society. The programme activities enshrined in programme form part of the work ethic of the youth once they grow up and become adults. The moral fibre of our society has also been enhanced through this programme. This has in many aways helped reduce cases of crime and other related domestic social problems.

Kenya YMCA was for along time the only organization with a swimming pool. Many swimmers and lifeguards learned the art of swimming at YMCA. Many of the trainees have ended up with jobs in swimming fraternity and are holding big positions at National and International levels. Kenya has produced lifeguards for East and Central Africa. To date Kenya YMCA has been producing Life guards for middle East Countries. Well over 100 youth are now working in the middle East courtesy of YMCA Swimming pool training.

A part from the swimming pool other recreational programmes have harnessed youth energies and channeled it into physical fitness instead of destructive modes of behaviour like drug abuse. These recreational activities include among other Football, Karate, Tae-Kwondo, Volleyball,GY,  Snooker, among others.

Kenya YMCA has also immensely contributed to quality community leadership through a series of leadership development programmes that have been organised to enhance the capacity of YMCA volunteer leaders who also double up as leaders in other community serving organizations. The skills and knowledge acquired through this programme has enriched the leadership and programmes in the community thereby benefiting thousands of people through the multiplier effect.

Kenya YMCA was in the forefront in the fight against HIV and AIDS.The intervention strategies staged by Kenya YMCA from the year 2000 contributed to the reduction of new HIV and AIDS infection rates in the country. The combined efforts of YMCA and other stakeholders brought down the infection rates from 14% in 2000 to 6.2% to date. The activities in the prevention efforts entailed peer education, reproductive health, Home based care and support services, open forum discussions magnetic theatre activities and debates. The activities were further reinforced with distribution of Information, Education and Communication materials distribution. The major impact has been reduced rates of new HIV & AIDS infections which has resulted into more financial resources being saved and thereby released to other development programmes. In the same breath, the general health of Kenyans has improved due to empowerment through information sharing forums.

Strategic partnership between Kenya YMCA and other partners like German YMCA has enabled YMCA help orphans attain their life time dreams of acquiring education within YMCA centres. The education and training received by the orphans has conferred to them confidence, hope and status which are in themselves virtues that contribute to a health person and Nation. Besides supporting the orphans, other special programmes that have been implemented through strategic partnership have acted as vehicles to reach out to the needy and deserving at the right moments and time. These programmes which include refuge programmes went along way in minimizing the suffering.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to take cognisance of both our external and internal environment while devising goals and objectives. We shall endeavour to adapt to changing circumstances more deliberately without being simply reactive. This approach will lead us to a turn-around strategy that will be blended with innovative programmes required by the 21st Century youth. The strategy will generate sufficient resources that will facilitate the execution of programmes that will address the crises facing the youth in Kenya who need to be empowered for the African Renaissance.

Planning Principles

It is also apparent that the current levels of key resources, especially financial and the state of facilities cannot support more innovative programmes required by the 21st Century youth. For this reason, the planning principle is singular; to turn-around Kenya YMCA.

Our operational plan is deliberately aligned to the Africa Alliance of YMCAs which is a continental co-ordinating body. Majority of Youth across the continent are voice poor, lack the space to engage in decision making process, and cannot influence those in authority. As a response to this continental youth crisis, the Africa YMCAs have adopted “…From Subject to Citizen” concept as the youth empowerment model. Consequently, for the coming years the African YMCA’s focus is on the youth empowerment in civic, justice and economic spheres.