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The Kenya YMCA was founded on 8th November 1910 by the then USA president Theodore Roosevelt. It operated as a provincial council of the British Council of YMCA until 13th November 1960 when it was inaugurated as National Council of Kenya YMCA. As a self governing National Association, the organization has since expanded in terms of branches, hostel facilities and programmes. In the process 25 branches and Units have been established across the country undertaking diverse programmes and activities that meet specific needs of youth in their respective areas of operation.

The Nairobi Central Hostel at State House Road has remained the headquarters of institutional work and provides offices for the National Secretariat.


Kenya YMCA is a world wide charitable membership organization committed to the improvement of the quality of life of all the youth both in rural and urban areas. It is found in 15 counties countries across the Country. It was introduced in Kenya in the year 1910 and is voluntary, non-denominational and not-for-profit. YMCA attracts members from all religions, races, gender and social strata.

In line with the mission of the worldwide YMCA movement, Kenya YMCA seeks to develop people in the three dimensions namely; body, mind and spirit. It provides opportunities to develop the body through sports and other forms of active leisure, develop the mind through trainings and skills formations, and the spirit through various Christian teachings and activities.

Kenya YMCA is implementing various programmes and activities in life skills development, camping, vocational training, capacity building programs, character transformation activities, sports and recreation, early childhood and primary school education, women empowerment, health programmes including drug and substances abuse prevention,sports and recreation civic competence, skills development, education and maturing activities.

YMCA is committed to pursuing economic and social justice for all with a greater emphasis on youth, women and children. We encourage local communities to come together and identify common needs. YMCA facilitates development through various forms of support to enable them meet these needs. This enhances community ownership of the projects. We currently have over 15,000,000 participants from different communities participating in our programmes countrywide every year. Since the inception of YMCA in 1910, well over 13,000,000 people have participated and benefited from our programmes.