Empowering Young People for the African Renaissance

Human Stories

Appended below are the stories we have captured from the and youth who have benefited from the business seed money funding and business skills development workshop and training programmes provided by Kenya YMCA.

The funds provided by YMCA l has exceptionally transformed us into good business women. The businesses we run we are able to support our families by putting food on the table”, Says Hellen Awinja

I am proud to be part of YMCA kibera women group. First of all I must thank the YMCA for giving us the opportunity of a life time to expand our businesses and get Mosquito nets to protect us from getting malaria that is caused by mosquito bites”. Says Elizabeth Nthangu

Indeed the funds I received have helped me do well in business and with that, am no longer worried about my children school fees, food and other basic needs .Actually, people in our surrounding who used to ridicule me, are now envious of my business success

The nets that were distributed to us have helped me a lot to kick out malaria and other related disease. Initially I was suffering from malaria every now and then! This was stressing to me considering the fact that I am HIV positive. However I now feel more secure health wise. Thanks to YMCA and Y’s Men International”. Says Grace Aton

What Dennis Ouma and Lameck Oduor said about the program

Dennis Ouma;
I am grateful to YMCA for helping me finish class 8, I am sure I will qualify to join form one, I hope they consider me again. God bless YMCA.

Lameck Oduor Mother
My Son will one day be a big person and I can attribute my hopes and believe to the God sent support from YMCA., May the almighty God bless them.

I’ve gained a lot of experience since joining YMCA, being in Christian organization has really helped me improve in my character and the way I relate with people. I’m no longer primitive and I can interact with people well. Im also dynamic in my thinking. .Oscar owuor.

I feel very proud when people refer to me as “fundi”, others even call me engineer, because had it not been for the training I, would still be a fisherman and maybe my life would have been very much miserable. I want to thank YMCA for having supported the sponsorship programme, at least now I have a title which am not ashamed of. I can handle piece of work given to me confidently.Daniel oloo.

I know own a cow which I bought with money from my own sweat. The training equipped me with skills that enabled me to get employment. Am a happy man and I want to thank YMCA so much for their support.Pasckal Omollo.

Simon Njoroge saysAs a student in ICT department I wish to register my thanks to YMCA who funded this project. We are now enjoying the training because of new and fast computers. We are proud of this new development and we feel that we will now be able to learn well and acquire the necessary skills using the new equipment

The YMCA Triangle

We strive to develop young people in a holistic way.As symbolized in the YMCA triangle.YMCAProgrammes are designed to develop Body, Mind and Soul through the following interventions;-

Happy 105th Birthday Kenya YMCA: centennial celebrations –

Past Successes

The Kenya YMCA has made inroads in the field of Community Education, Vocational Training and Nursery School Education Programs. It runs 8 Community Centres, for general community civic competence, Leadership Training, Health Programs and recreational activities.

The Association operates small scale Vocational Training Centres all over the country with a total enrolment of 1,235 young people being trained in various skills which are helpful to equip young people for future contributions for the development of this country. The YMCA also runs Nursery Schools with a total enrolment of more than 1,120 children in the poorest areas of this country. It sponsors the education of 75 children per annum in Primary, Secondary and vocational centers in Kenya by paying their school fees, clothing, food and medical expenses.

This significant contribution to the Society has only been possible through a very careful investment programmes of the YMCA, and indeed the investment has been in people, members of this Association, and general community who have offered voluntary leadership and management of the YMCA programs.

Other areas that have in the past received attention included; Youth Centres, International Youth Exchange, Family Welfare Programmes support and recreation civic competence.


We plan to optimize the resources we have to turn the YMCA around by improving the financial health of the organisation and supporting innovative youth development programmes designed for social and economic transformation of their lives.