Welcome to YMCA of Kenya

                                       The purpose of the Kenya YMCA is to attract, bring together and develop the youth to meet their

                                        foremost needs in and for their communities in accordance to Christian values as stated in the Holy Bible.

                                       To facilitate and develop the physical, mental and spiritual well being of youth to enable them to become

                                        responsible citizens

                                        Empowering young people for the African Renaissance

                                        CORE VALUES:
                                        In line with its vision and Mission the Kenya YMCA undertakes to adhere

                                        to the following core values that will guide the organization to realize its objectives.

                                        Kenya YMCA is a Christian organization which believes in God the Father, God the Son and God the

                                        Holy Spirit –(The Holy Trinity) and in furtherance of His kingdom to all in accordance with the Holy Bible.

                                        Further it believes in

                                               i. Preventive and proactive approach to delivery of its mandate

                                              ii. Accessibility, affordability and commitment to Quality

                                                  The association is open, believes in stakeholder engagement, and is committed to quality and

                                                    affordable service and programs.

                                             iii. Creativity and social innovation.

                                                    YMCA thrives on creativity, a virtue that will guide the initiation of new programs and scaling up of

                                                     existing programs.

                                             iv. Volunteerism and professionalism

                                                     Volunteerism is cherished as an aspect of service to the youth and human race. YMCA

                                                      embraces   professionalism   in delivery of services and implementation of programs.

                                              v. Equity, diversity and inclusion

                                                      YMCA stands for fairness, justice and equity of all

                                              vi. Integrity

                                                     YMCA espouses Honesty and Integrity at all times



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